History Skatepark Westblaak




Skatepark Westblaak has been opened in Rotterdam on November 18th  2000. The Skatepark at the Westblaak is an unique public skate facility in the centre of the city, especially for skaters from Rotterdam and it's surroundings. The location, the quality of the Skatepark and the stunts of the skaters will be an spectacular sightseeing attraction for any one that is visiting downtown Rotterdam


Participation Skaters

Because this Skatepark is especially used by young skaters, Rotterdams skaters were involved in the plan shaping, such as in wich way the skate obstacles/ramps must be  designed.  An important note is that skaters came up with the idea for this park.

The Road to finalizing this project lasted four years.

The input of the skaters has been for the city of Rotterdam particularly valuable. Their knowledge and experience created a  design that has come about well with the wishes of the skaters.

The skaters also contributed important  information on security and management. Because of their strong involvement, there is a co-responsibility feeling on how to use the Skatepark.



The skatepark covers the whole Midsection of the Westblaak and is 6700 m2 large. Crossing places differentiate the skatepark in three areas; a ring job for stole driving round, an area with 11 stainless steel obstacles intends for stuntskating and a green oasis for relaxation. On the junction with the Karel Doormanstraat is a restaurant located with terrace stand. 

The location and the decoration are not the only items that are unique and exclusive, also the floor of the skatepark is particular; artist group 75b has made a design for the asfaltcoating where the colour areas correspond with the position of the Skate obstacles. The art design covers the whole middensection of the Westblaak.



Skatepark Westblaak is a succesful project in Rotterdam and thus correspondingly must be managed.

The service Municipality Work ensures for the technical management. Beside regular technical controls, cleaning activity will be taken place on a daily basis.

The service Sport and Recreation ensures for the social management. The social management is meant to target the skatepark in a good way. Right at the spot there is a projectmanager and management assistants present, they participate with the users in organizing activities and events. For those management assistants there is a facility in the park.